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JAXX Offers Competitive Pricing on All of Our High-Pressure Hydraulic Systems

We specialize in the sale of high-pressure hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic, and lubrication equipment used in a multitude of applications such as bridge construction, general construction, manufacturing, and automotive industries.

Construction Equipment
  • High-Pressure Cylinders: single & double acting, low profile, hollow, steel and aluminum, 5 to 600 tons

  • Pumps: electric, air, gasoline, and manually operated

  • Accessories, Hoses, and Couplers.

  • Mobile Power Risers.

  • Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Industrial Equipment
  • Hydraulic Presses

  • Pallet Trucks

  • Stackers

  • Lift Tables

  • Dock Boards

  • Forklift Jacks

  • Mechanical Jacks

  • Bottle Jacks

Automotive Equipment
  • Lifting Equipment

  • Floor Jacks

  • Transmission Jacks

  • Roll-under Jacks

  • Porta-Powers

Lubrication Equipment
  • Oil and Grease Pumps

  • Hose Reels

  • Metering Guns

  • Fittings

Air Tools
  • Impact Wrenches

  • Ratches

  • Drills

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